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Dear reader,

My name is Cristian and I am currently taking a Masters in Project Management at Salford Business School. I became interested in Project Management in 1997 while I was studying Finance and Accounting. In my final year as a student, I was involved in an economic project with the responsibility of analysing the financial situation of a company and also designing a strategic development program over a period of three years. Eight years later I was starting my first project and in 2010 I was developing and coordinating one of the most complex projects within OMV Petrom (the biggest Oil and Gas corporation from Central and East of Europe). Throughout my career, I held several positions such as Economist, Economics Advisor, and Land Management Expert. Interestingly, I also undertook the role of Project Coordinator within the Land Management Project. In combination with the above I was responsible for the development and implementation of new projects in the company with the objective to generate profit and decrease the risk of non-compliance. In 2012 I received the ‘highly skilled’ award from the UK’s Government and since January 2014 I have been an associate member of the Association of Project Management.

My world

In terms of my personal ambition I am extremely passionate about Project Management, and I now have a dedicated website: www.firstproject.co.uk. The articles on the website will be based on my own research and experience in project management..

My inspiration

My creative inspiration comes from my interaction with people and a desire to develop myself in order to reach my maximum potential. Along with this, I am a proactive person, who enjoys studying, reading, as well as understanding the connections between research theories, which gets me actively involved. My curiosity to find out what may happen during the next stage of a theory really captivates my interest.

My vision

My vision about firstprojects.co.uk is to provide distinctive and valuable information. I am motivated by the idea of finding answers to current issues by assessing different types of theories, techniques, and methodological examples from real life. One day I would like to find the perfect answer to ‘How to successfully manage any type of project with minimal risks’. Thank you for taking time to visit my website and I hope to see you soon.

Yours sincerely,

Cristian Nicolae

Cristian Nicolae


Personal Profile

Master's student in Project Management at Salford Business School, with over 10 years of invaluable international experience in Oil and Gas industry. Able to manage multi-million pound projects to successful completion, ensuring the contract specifications are met throughout. Possesses excellent interpersonal, diplomatic and communication skills, able to influence key decisions through negotiation with business partners. Always open to taking on new projects in the future.

My skils


Successfully communicated with the Board of Directors and the CEO of OMV Petrom within the Land Management project, ensuring synergy between a team of 74 experts and management


Throughout my career, I worked within medium and high size teams, and always encouraged colleagues to contribute in achieving objectives, to take part in decision making process, and initiating brainstorming to find better solutions.


In team assignments at University I was the group leader, planning the project and organizing the team in order to meet deadlines and achieving high marks.

I successfully managed a large team by achieving an amazing saving of £ 18 million.


In 2010 successfully developed and planned a multi-million project within which I played the role of Project Coordinator.

Having the support of the Director of Corporate Affairs and Compliance Department, I was able to use PRINCE2 planning techniques to finish the project within the deadline.


While working for OMV Petrom organized the physical inventory of 50,000 oil fields. An external company was hired for topographic measurements for those plot lands. With a pro-active attitude and close monitoring of the task, I organised documentation efficiently.


Proficient in IT software for editing (Nitro Pro 8, Acrobat Pro), creating business presentations and reports (PowerPoint, Timeline, Publisher, Word, Excel) and highly skilled in using Visio. Also familiar with business solution software (SAP) and graphic design (Corel Draw).

Work Experience

  • Various part-time roles | 2012 – present

    • Current roles involve part-time jobs while studying for the IELTS exam and throughout my time at University.

    • Maintaining an excellent relationship with the clients and keeping a high quality of company standards.

  • OMV Petrom (Austrian Oil & Gas Corporation) | 2002 - 2012
    Land Management Expert and Project Coordinator

    • I was responsible for developing and implementing new projects into the company's objectives in order to generate profit and decrease the risk of non-compliance.

    • The most notable professional achievement was the management of a £ 4.6 million project, granted by the OMV Petrom’s Executive Board where I led a team of 74 experts in economy, engineering and law.

  • Rompeto Construct SRL | 2001 - 2002

    • After graduation, I worked within a small family construction firm being accountable for performing bookkeeping duties such as preparing a ledger for senior accountant or carrying out accounts payable and receivable.


  • 2014 – Present
    University of Salford
    Masters student in Project Management
  • 2014
    University of Manchester
    IELTS Advanced Level of Academic English
  • 1997 – 2001
    Oil and Gas University
    Finance and Accounting BA (Hons)

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